Writing, whether for broadcast or print, has been my vocation for many years, but nowadays I see it as much more than that. Over time I’ve come to believe that writing can open doors along the path towards hope and healing.


Peggy Riley Thomson is a journalist who has reported for a variety of news organizations, including ABC News, National Public Radio and the BBC. Her work has also appeared in The Sunday Times of London, as well as in a number of other publications in the United States and Great Britain.

… And yet nothing I’ve ever done as a journalist can compare to the joy–or the heartache–I’ve experienced as a mother.


Saying Goodbye to Our Beloved Dog

Today was the first morning in twenty-three years that I awoke at home without the presence of a dog to greet me. I was filled with dread as I entered the kitchen, knowing full well that if I were to call out my usual greeting—“hey, buddy”—there would be no reply in...

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