Writing, whether for broadcast or print, has been my vocation for many years, but nowadays I see it as much more than that. Over time I’ve come to believe that writing can open doors along the path towards hope and healing.


Peggy Riley Thomson is a journalist who has reported for a variety of news organizations, including ABC News, National Public Radio and the BBC. Her work has also appeared in The Sunday Times of London, as well as in a number of other publications in the United States and Great Britain.

… And yet nothing I’ve ever done as a journalist can compare to the joy–or the heartache–I’ve experienced as a mother.


The Final Days of Summer

With the arrival of August, the steady, yet rapid peeling off of the days invariably signals the countdown to an anniversary that always fills me with dread. On August 28 it will be exactly nine years since that terrible moment when Kieran, the older of my sons, took...

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